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Just like people, vegetables too have the effect of attraction or repulsion in us till we find out their applications that changes our perception . The pungent smelling garlic is no exception. The strong taste and the ghastly smell is a definite put-off but once you come to know its uses; varied uses; you’ll begin thinking that garlic is not such a bad guy after all.

Garlic or Allium Sativum belongs to the onion and leek family. The active compound in garlic is Allicin that’s released when you chop garlic. Did you know that garlic has been rarely utilized in English cuisine although in the Mediterranean side it was quite popular even amongst the ancient Greeks and Egyptians?

Health & Beauty

This is a popular use of garlic that you have probably heard of umpteen times before. Rubbing a raw garlic clove helps you bid adieu of pesky acne. It’s blood cleansing properties, keeps digestive tract healthy and is an effective antibiotic too. Garlic prevents cancer, keeps cold at bay, helps maintaining a healthy heart and is good for the liver.

Mosquitoes and Fleas

You can put garlic cloves at your bedside or rub their juice in your skin to repel mosquitoes. Ticks and fleas also run away from garlic so you can rub garlic juice in your pets as well. If you do not want your pet to sport that foul smell you can ensure that you include small amount of garlic in your pets’ diet.


Garlic also makes good green pesticide. It’s eco friendly and very effective too for warding off whiteflies, cabbage loopers and other pests that are bothersome. All you have to do is to mix garlic with soap and pepper to safeguard your veggies.


Mix sliced garlic with vinegar and lemon juice for a powerful disinfectant or cleaner.

Fishing Bait

Coat those marshmallows liberally with crushed garlic. Apparently this makes fishing easier.


Garlic works on paper and even glass. You may use the juice as adhesive.


Just like cardamom, garlic too is an aphrodisiac. Such a difference between the two! Garlic helps blood circulation and hence the effect, so they say. If garlic breath worries you then you can drink some lemon juice to cure it.

Melting Snow

In actuality, in 2008; in Ankeny, Iowa, garlic salt given by spice producer Tone Brothers Inc. was used to melt ice and snow at the Des Moines suburb.

Removing Splinters

Cut a piece of garlic and place it on the splinter.

Warding Off Evil Spirits

Garlic is supposed to shield you from evil spirits and even vampires. Forget about garlic juice, a few people hang a garland of garlic on their windows to protect them from demons.

With so many benefits, do not underestimate the garlic in your diet. Take it in moderation and enjoy this versatile medicinal plant. Wildlife Removal Port St Lucie FL can answer your questions should they arise.

Uses for Garlic

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